The 1888 Message & Ellen White

What did Ellen G. White have to say about the message brought to the Seventh-day Adventist Church by AT Jones and EJ Waggoner at the Minneapolis Conference of 1888 and the following years? In this interview, Camron Schofield shares a collection of quotations that answer the question clearly. has dubbed a Spanish version: [...]

The 1888 Message & Ellen White2017-09-24T22:54:11-05:00

The Lamb of God

Have you asked God to forgive your sins lately? Do you know what you were doing? Or what God needs to do in order that you might be forgiven? We take a brief look at the old Hebrew sanctuary system and learn the lesson for us today.

The Lamb of God2015-03-27T05:27:24-05:00

Revisiting 1888 – Part 1 – Progression of Light

What happened in 1888? Why did the church have such a hard time receiving the message of Righteousness by Faith by EJ Waggoner and AT Jones? What has happened with their message since then? Is it still relevant for the church today?

Revisiting 1888 – Part 1 – Progression of Light2016-12-26T04:47:20-06:00

Revisiting 1888 – Part 3 – Righteousness by Faith

What must I do to be saved? Believe? Only believe? Is it that simple? This sermon will answer that question. What does it mean to believe? How do I believe? This was not understood by the church in 1888 and the following years. But God was trying to show His people how much He loved them, and what He was willing to do, and had already done, in order that they might be saved.

Revisiting 1888 – Part 3 – Righteousness by Faith2016-12-26T04:47:21-06:00
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