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RBF Series – 10 – Salvation Through Christ – PART 1

Now, so far in these presentations we have come to understand what we could call the “fundamentals” of righteousness by faith. A simple summary would be that we can't, God must, and so He has given us His word and through His word, He will bring His own righteousness – His own right-doing - into our practical lives. Now, what we want to understand from here on, is what Jesus Christ has to do with all of this...

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RBF Series – 09 – The Acceptable Time

So far in our series we have been learning that we cannot do anything right. All of our own good best works are as filthy rags. Because of our sinful condition, our works are contaminated, no matter how good and perfect they may be. And so God has promised that He will give us His own perfect works - He will work obedience in us. But we must have a faith that will trust Him to do it. And then, of course, we must LET Him do it.

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RBF Series – 08 – Supplement for Parents

All parents worry about their children. And so they should. We are living in very uncertain times, and in a time when the attractions of the world are stronger than ever. Many of you will have children who you love very dearly. Some of you have done the best you can with raising your children, but you still see them going in the wrong direction. Some of you will have become Christians later in life and you now repent and regret the way that you brought up your children. Some of you have been too strict on your children with your principles, and now they are in rebellion. And some may have neglected their duties altogether.

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RBF Series – 07 – Practical Faith

It is my prayer that through these presentations, God is giving you the answers that you have been needing. So many of us stress about our salvation. We can see that this world is rapidly descending into a time of terrible trouble and we know that we need to be ready for Jesus to come, but we don't know HOW to be ready. And this was my problem for many years. I spent some years in a more liberal way of life, taking the grace of God for granted, and some years in the legalistic way, trying to save myself by my own good works. I could never find the meaning of faith AND works in my life. It always seemed to be either faith OR works. I was never told that works come to me by faith - that it is God who must do the works, and it is through faith that God's works will become a practical reality in my life.

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RBF Series – 06 – How the Word Worked in the Life of Christ

For a number of years there were some parts of God's word that I couldn't read. It was too painful because I had tried to do what it said, but I couldn't do it, and so every time I read it, I felt that it was condemning me. But now I have no problems reading it, because now I know that when I am reading that word, THAT WORD ITSELF will do what it says - it is not for me to do it!

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RBF Series – 05 – Faith Defined Simply

I spent so much of my life trying to work out what faith is. In fact, faith was such an incomprehensible thing to me that I didn't even know how to put my questions about faith into words! I was so grateful to God when I found the answer. And I pray you will be grateful to Him also when you find the answer.

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RBF Series – 03 – A Powerful Illustration

We have been learning that there is nothing that we can do right. Our own works are not good enough to satisfy the claims of the law. But God knows this and so He has promised to do all of the works for us. He is waiting for us to admit that we cannot do anything right and to ask Him to do it for us.

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RBF Series – 02 – What the Law Really Wants

Did you find things in our last study a little interesting? Maybe it did for you what it did for me – it set me free. You see, I spent most of my life trying and trying to do things right. I tried so hard to be perfect, but all I ever seemed to experience was disappointment and condemnation. I was looking in the wrong place for a perfection that the law will be happy with.

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When is Jesus coming back?

"The Lord has a time appointed when He will bind off the work; but when is that time?—when the truth to be proclaimed for these last days shall go forth as a witness to all nations, then shall the end come. If the power of Satan can come into the very temple of God, and [...]

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TRANSCRIPCIÓN – Suplemento para los Padres

Todos los padres se preocupan por sus hijos. Y deberían. Estamos viviendo en un tiempo muy inseguro, y cuando las atracciones del mundo son más fuertes que nunca antes. Muchos de ustedes tienen hijos que aman entrañablemente. Algunos han hecho lo mejor que han podido en criar a sus hijos, pero aún así pueden ver [...]

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Muchos adventistas del séptimo día están esperando una gran prueba un día de la semana en la que Dios es adorado. Tristemente, muchos de los que están esperando este tiempo, sin conocer, se están preparando para recibir la marca de la bestia. La prueba del sábado no se trata simplemente que día de la semana [...]

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El Juicio de Dios

Dios no es duro, o juez vengador, esperando a castigarnos por nuestros pecados. El está listo: “Tú empero, eres Dios de perdones, clemente y piadoso, tardo para la ira, y de mucha misericordia, que no los dejaste” (Nehemias 9:17). El dice: “…no quiero la muerte del impío, sino que se torne el impío de su [...]

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PREVIEW TRANSCRIPT – Supplement for Parents

I was hoping to have begun recording and uploading a new video series by now, but there's been delay after delay. But the transcript for an extra supplemental study I was going to slot in after a few studies on faith is just too encouraging for me to keep it to myself and wait until [...]

PREVIEW TRANSCRIPT – Supplement for Parents 2016-12-26T04:47:14+00:00

PREVIEW TRANSCRIPT – “The Acceptable Time”

I am currently preparing to record a new video series where I will be taking the key thoughts from my seminar series and expanding on them in a new presentation individually. I was just writing out the transcript for Presentation No. 9 and the Lord's message in this transcript is so precious and full of [...]

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